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In the instance of kidnapping, the criminal offence may be regarded by the court as more severe where a total stranger kidnaps a child or person for the purpose of demanding a ransom from their family or friends. It has also been the case sometimes for kidnapped children or persons to be subjected to all manners of sexual torture, some resulting in the death of the victims. In such instances, the criminal offence of kidnap becomes one of the lesser counts on the indictment while sexual offence, murder or attempted murder charges are also added to the allegations against the defendant.

Kidnapped ChildrenCriminal Charges Can Be Pushed for Parental Kidpanning


Whether you are potentially facing one or more counts of charges of abduction, kidnap and any other on an indictment, London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are waiting and happy to hear from you and to go through the minute details of your case with you. Mitigating circumstances can be pleaded on behalf of a deeply troubled parent who feared the concept of hardly, if ever, seeing their child again. Our child kidnap solicitors will examine all the facts that may prove useful and relevant to the case. We will build the strongest defence possible in the circumstances based on the facts we sieve through and are convinced will assist in exhibiting your anxiety as a parent. This only applies in cases where the person accused of child abduction or kidnap is the victim’s ‘other’ parent within the legal meaning.

It should be added that we are however also widely experienced in other abduction and kidnap matters which do not necessarily involve children. It is very often the case that abduction and kidnap allegations are associated with other related charges which potentially increase the gravity of the offence. It is therefore essential that as soon as an allegation of kidnap or abduction is brought against you, immediate steps are taken to ensure that your rights and liberties under the law are protected to the maximum by an expert team of child abduction or child kidnap solicitors.

Kidnapping charges can and should never be taken with any degree of levity. The heavy sentences attached evidence the seriousness the court attaches to child abduction and child kidnap cases. With the combined years of experience, expertise, skills and in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system of our solicitors, we are confident of the fact that our team of criminal defence lawyers will provide you with an invaluable and extremely thorough service. Our business and the success we enjoy are based to a very large extent on our clients and the manner in which we handle their cases.

The focus of what we do is on our clients and how best to serve their interests in every conceivable situation. So why not call us today with the facts of the charges you are facing or believe you most probably will be facing and leave the rest to us? You can be rest assured that we will mount a very robust and proactive defence on your behalf; examining critically every piece of evidence held by the Police and other investigating authorities; challenging any part of such evidence we object to and applying other measures which may lead to a reduction in the charges you face. We are also very adept at fiercely pursuing avenues through which more lenient sentences may potentially be received by our clients. Discuss your case with one of our highly talented solicitors today in the strictest of confidence and let us establish if and how we can assist you at this trying time.


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