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Home Children & Young Persons: Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians

Parents and guardians of children and young persons are mandated by law to ensure that their well being is adequately provided for. Furthermore, the law demands that such parents and guardians must ensure that they do not wilfully or permit others to wilfully expose the children and young persons in their care to potentially harmful, injurious and other dangerous situations.

One of the more common allegations parents and/or guardians face is child neglect. According to the UK law, a child may not be left alone and unattended for his or her own safety. The law will therefore regard as child neglect where a parent leaves a minor alone at home for a significant period of time either to attend work or other social functions. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, we have come across cases where there had been mitigating circumstances and where we were able to evidence to the court that the parent or guardian in question had not deliberately neglected their child. Under the law, the responsibilities of parents and guardians to their children and wards are vast and basically cover every aspect of ensuring that minors are well looked after and provided for, that they are educated to the required legal level, that they are adequately protected from harm and not exposed to danger.

Where any or a combination of these responsibilities are deemed to have been ignored, investigations may be launched by the police who are almost always brought into the picture by concerned child care services. What ensues thereafter is always a very difficult and trying time for most people who feel like their privacy and that of their family is being violated during the course of investigations. You must take immediate steps at this stage to ensure that you are given the most relevant and useful advice every step of the way. We will liaise with the police and other bodies involved on your behalf. Do not make any costly mistake at this stage; contact the criminal lawyers in London. Call us now on 0203 514 0088.   


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