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Criminal damage is a rather serious offence which can be punished very severely by sentencing an offender to life imprisonment. A similar level of severity is therefore reserved for associated offences including arson, vandalism and looting. Anyone facing any of these charges or a combination thereof is therefore strongly advised to seek expert legal advice at the very first opportunity they have. A criminal conviction and subsequent record may affect certain areas of an offender’s life even years after the crime was committed. This is even more likely where the conviction attracted a custodial sentence.

With our level of expertise and the attention to detail approach with which we prepare all our clients’ cases, we will aspire from the very minute you contact us to the end of the matter to work towards the best result possible given the circumstances of the case. Our criminal lawyers in London are regularly approached by members of the public and existing clients for legal representation on accusations of criminal damage and more recently, looting. Our track record of success in those cases speaks volume about our level of expertise as well as unshaken commitment to the protection of our clients’ interests. We represent clients at the Police Station while they are being interviewed or bailed to return while investigations into the alleged crime are still ongoing. We are also regularly representing some of our clients on criminal damage charges at the Magistrate’s as well as Crown Court. The first step following our initial discussion of your case is to deliberate upon the better option for you; Magistrate’s court trial or a Crown court trial. This depends on the plea we intend to enter at the trial. The implications of each option will be discussed with you at length prior to any decision being taken.

At London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks, we are criminal defence lawyers who are vastly experienced in providing advice on the above issues relating to criminal damage and vandalism, amongst other numerous criminal matters. We will be happy to hear from you and to be able to assist in one of the most difficult times of most of our clients’ lives. Facing a criminal charge can be a rather disturbing experience for most people and we thoroughly understand this. Our expertise extends to our ability to make our clients feel at ease and to exhibit to them that they matter to us. Call us today and let us show you why the large majority of our clients are repeat clients or those introduced to us by other clients.


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