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Under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act 1988 as well as the Road Safety Act 2006, there is a wide range of offences that can be committed while driving. Some motoring offences attract minimal punishment while others may have very significant impacts on the lives of the driver who has committed the alleged offence and indeed the victim, where applicable. The essence of legislation relating to motoring offences is to improve the safety of other road users. It is not uncommon for many drivers to be unaware of what constitutes a motoring offence under the law and this renders it more difficult for such drivers to adhere strictly to the law.

At London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks, we understand the effect a motoring offence charge; serious or otherwise, can have on you as a driver and we are here to go through your case with you and to build up a strong defence on your behalf. For drivers whose livelihoods depend in no small part on their ability to hold a clean driver’s licence, an allegation of a motoring offence may seem like the worst thing in the world to happen. Outright disqualification, for such drivers or indeed any driver, is almost always a very heavy blow. In such circumstances, an Exceptional Hardship plea can be made in court.

Our driving solicitors have combined years of experience and expertise, and we are confident that we will be able to provide you with the best legal assistance possible. We are proud of our reputation as one of the best network of solicitors for motoring offences. If you have been charged with any kind of driving offence therefore, all you have to do today is to pick up the phone and speak to any of our motoring offence solicitors. Time is of the essence and the earlier we commence work on your matter the better. Driving offences are either way offences. This means that they can be decided before the Magistrates’ court as well as the Crown Court on indictment. There is evidence in this fact that the Criminal Justice System regards motoring offences as rather serious. Given that the many areas of motoring offences including dangerous driving, driving under the influence, speeding, road traffic accidents and others potentially affect a significant percentage of the population on a daily basis, it is quite understandable that the legal system takes these offences quite seriously. 

On the other hand however, in the course of representing some of our clients in this regard, we have found that there are, often times, a number of reasons why drivers may find themselves on the other side of the law. Whatever your reasons and explanation may be, you have the assurance that London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks – leading London motoring solicitors – will assign your case to a most competent drink driving offence solicitor, who will pursue your best interest in court.

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We will argue any compelling mitigating circumstance surrounding the alleged offence. We will call particular attention to your history of good behaviour, the fact that the alleged offence is a first and isolated one; the non-involvement of any illegal substance such as drugs; perhaps there had been an emergency; a need for you to get somewhere or the other very quickly and as a result of which you had been momentarily oblivious to the risk or danger in your driving. One or a combination of any of these factors and other strong points in your favour can be argued before the court for a reduction in the gravity of the offence and/or leniency in sentence. All you have to do is make all the facts available to our motor offence lawyer. We will build the strongest motoring offence defence possible based on the provided facts in your favour.

Why Driving Offences Fall Under Criminal Law:

The major problem with the use of cars and the responsibility of the individual driving is the fact that injuries and/or death can so easily be caused where drivers are reckless, driving under the influence, speeding or even talking on the phone or being generally distracted while driving. This is a major factor in the level of importance the criminal justice system attaches to the prosecution of motoring offenders. Even where no injury or fatality is recorded, accidents, collisions and other driving mishaps involve considerable financial loss. The additional burden of a court case can therefore prove too much for any driver involved in any of these situations. It becomes a stressful time not only for you as the driver facing prosecution but it may also affect your family and others around you. Our team of experts will put their exceptional skills to use on your behalf and keep you updated every step of the way. We understand how stressful this period can be and will strive to see that you are adequately and effectively represented; regardless of the offence in question.

Motoring Offences can be any or a mixture of the following: dangerous driving, careless or inconsiderate driving, driving under influence of drink & drugs. They can include speeding fines & penalties, as well as serious traffic accidents.


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