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There are a number of other areas of motoring offences which also fall under the provisions of the Road Traffic Act as criminal offences. These include a driver’s failure to provide the Police with requested details when stopped; driving without license and/or insurance; the accrual of more than 12 points on one’s license (otherwise known as totting up 12 points); failure to prove the Police with specimen when requested (this applies to cases where a person refuses to provide urine for alcohol and/or substance test); contravening traffic signal (more commonly known as ‘jumping’ the red light); and use of mobile phone while driving. Although this is not an exhaustive list of motoring offences, it covers the large majority. All of these driving offences can attract sentences ranging from 3 points penalty to fine, disqualification and in extreme cases, prison term.

 Whatever category of driving offence your case falls under or the allegations you face, the very first step you must take is to secure the best legal representation possible in terms of being proactive, pursuing your best interests at all times, being available to discuss your options and case development with you and building the strongest possible defence on your behalf. In other words, call us today and become one of our most valued clients who have every confidence in our knowledge, expertise, extensive years of experience, vast knowledge of the law; and above all, a personal service tailored to your needs.    

Road Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are common occurrences on our roads today. There is almost always the question of liability where traffic accidents are concerned. Questions like “whose fault is the accident? Who should be held responsible, and what are the penalties for traffic accident?” are some of the common questions we get asked by our clients who have been involved in an accident. Where liability for the accident is in dispute or where you believe you have been wrongly charged with causing traffic accident, you will require specialised legal assistance and advice.

Traffic Offence in LondonTraffic Offences in London Require Best Legal Representation


Our traffic offence solicitors have the expertise and knowledge of the law that will prove most useful to you. To begin with, the law requires that if you have been involved in a traffic accident, you must stop and exchange relevant details including insurance companies with the other party. Where the other driver or people involved in the accident have been injured, you are required by law to call the Police to the scene of the accident. Fleeing the scene of an accident, particularly where injury has been sustained by one or more people potentially aggravates the traffic offence.

Even where there is no injury but damage has been caused to the other vehicle, a lamp post, a bus stop or any other object during the traffic accident; you are mandated by law to stop and exchange details or to inform the police of the accident. For a serious motoring offence such as fleeing the scene of an accident, it will take the best traffic lawyers who are very seasoned in traffic offences, such as our team of experts, to successfully argue your case in court.

Road Traffic Lawyers in london

Our reputable traffic lawyers are widely knowledgeable on all areas of motoring and traffic accident offences. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network – a London criminal law network – we proudly boast of some of the best road traffic law solicitors in London. If you have been charged with road traffic accident, failure to provide relevant details as mandated by Road Traffic offences Act, charged with fleeing the scene of an accident or any other related traffic offence, contact any of our traffic lawyers today and you will be happy you made that decision. A road traffic lawyer will be assigned to your case immediately to first and foremost examine the available evidence and facts pertaining to the alleged traffic accident offence. Our traffic lawyers are among the best road traffic accident solicitors London has to offer. This is owing to relentless hard work, staying religiously abreast of developments in motoring offences legislations and thorough case preparation.

If you are looking for London road traffic solicitors therefore, you have come to the right place and you are just a step away from being represented by a specialist London road traffic lawyer. If you are found liable and convicted of any of the possible offences under road traffic accident, a road traffic lawyer from London’s most prominent criminal defence law network can nevertheless still put up a most formidable legal representation on your behalf to persuade the court to be lenient with the sentence or penalty being handed down. It is very important that you have every confidence in the abilities of the road traffic lawyers who are defending your case in court.

Of the London road traffic solicitors, our road traffic lawyers are amongst the most knowledgeable and reliable. We truly and genuinely care about our clients and this is reflected in our dedication to providing you with exceptionally professional and helpful service regardless of the nature or gravity of the motoring offence you have been charged with. Call us today and pass the legal burden attached to the alleged offence to our road traffic accident experts.


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