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Drug offences in the UK is are treated by the courts with a high degree of seriousness. Under the Drugs Misuse Act 1971, there are a variety of offences related to drugs such as the possession of drugs, knowledge of the existence of drugs, possession and use of controlled drugs and possession with the intent to supply or conspiracy to supply controlled drugs. The abuse of controlled drugs is regarded as a criminal offence in England and Wales and these offences, although all related to drugs, carry different sentences. By virtue of the fact that the abuse of controlled drugs can be very harmful and dangerous to users, the possession, distribution and use of the same is monitored very intently by law.

Although the Western world can be said to be relatively more lenient with drug offences and the attached punishment as opposed to some foreign countries where those found in possession or drug distribution may find themselves facing the death penalty, the sentences drug offences attract in the UK can nevertheless also be very serious indeed. The need to seek representation and advice from competent drug lawyers, or drug crime solicitors is therefore crucial. Expert advice, knowledge and a robust as well as proactive defence must be mounted at the earliest possible.

Drug OffenceDrug laws are getting stricter


Our London criminal law network are experts at this; with several years of defending clients on various drugs charges in the UK. The most vital advice is, as they say, to make haste while the sun shines! We cannot stress enough the absolute importance of getting a team of experts involved at the earliest possible time. Our drug attorneys are renowned specialists in defending drugs related offences. It does not matter what stage of the investigations you are at or if indeed outright charges are yet to be brought against you, our drug crime lawyers will provide you with exceptional legal advice and the most formidable legal representation possible. Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs and situation. Please be minded however that the earlier we hear from you and inform the investigating authorities that all further enquiries should either be directed to us or channelled through us, the better.

Search Warrants

Our expertise in defending drug charges dates back several years and we have come to learn the best lines and grounds for defence. We will, as such, go through your case in a very thorough manner. We will call every piece of irregular ‘evidence’ held by the prosecution into question and provide you with the best possible advise with regards to the validity of any search warrant that may have been served or about to be served on you. Search warrants grant the Police undeterred access to your life, your privacy and the right to rummage through anything; invaluable or otherwise, stored in the area for which the warrant has been granted.

Even when there is nothing of substance to hide, very few of us are ever happy for complete strangers to rummage through all our precious and most cherished memories as well as belongings. Warrants may be obtained to search your home, business premises, and other areas where the Police have reason to believe that you may be storing or hiding any controlled drug. Virtually all recreational drugs are now controlled as controlled or illegal substances and have all now been banned from the United Kingdom. Any substance outside of cigarette and alcohol is therefore regarded as illegal. Drugs such as Ecstasy, heroin and cocaine are controlled as Class A drugs because of their potency and harmful impact on users.

Other drugs which have gained popularity in more recent years such as Speed and amphetamines; also infamously dropped in unattended drinks, and temazepan are regarded by the law as Class B drugs; while Class C drugs include drugs with the lesser harming potentials. These include cannabis or weed as it is more commonly and informally known, certain forms of tranquilisers and steroids. It is not impossible, given the vast array of controlled substances in today’s society, for one to be unaware of the fact that a particular drug they are in possession of is illegal. Although ignorance is not a ground for defence, we may nevertheless still be able to mount a solid defence on your behalf by dwelling on the surrounding circumstances and the fact that you are, where relevant, a first time offender. Other mitigating circumstances such as the use of a controlled drug for medicinal purposes, where this applies, will also be presented expertly before the court.

The more complex drugs or drugs related cases include importation, drug smuggling charges, possession with intent to supply, possession of drugs with highly significant street value ranging from thousands to millions of pounds, drug cultivation and trafficking. With our combined vast knowledge of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, our extensive years of experience and most dedicated lawyers possible, you are guaranteed a robust representation no matter how serious or complex the charges you face appear.


We are criminal defence solicitors and this is what we do best. Thanks to our combined expertise, several years of experience and our unshakable unity in the belief that every single one of our clients deserves the best and most formidable defence possible, regardless of the allegations they face, we are indeed one of the best criminal defence law networks. Once we are contacted by people who find themselves on that most unpalatable side of the law, we immediately spring into action with absolutely no delay. We will first and foremost provide you with excellent and expert legal advice tailored to your particular situation, the allegations you face and other surrounding circumstances.

Although we are based at the Old Bailey in London, at the heart of the country’s legal matters, we are happy to and do represent our clients all over the country. If you have been charged with drug related offences therefore or you are suspected of being involved in drug smuggling, possession, peddling and/or other offences, and you are outside London, please just give us a call and one of our devoted lawyers will guide you through our wide range of services and the most applicable to you. Our areas of expertise in drugs crimes include charges or suspicions of conspiracy to import and/or export drugs, possession with intent to supply Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Cannabis and other controlled drugs. We are also very experienced in defending allegations of drug cultivation such as the growth of cannabis on any scale; large or small.


We are well aware of the fact that investigations into allegations of drug related offences very often go on for a considerable period of time. The regrettable reality is that while such investigations are ongoing, regardless of the end result, people’s lives are being adversely affected. Family life, business or the work place are all likely to be affected while the Police drill into people’s private affairs. Depending on the allegations an individual is facing, there may sometimes be more people involved than just the landlord.

Investigations into such suspected crimes as cannabis cultivation, conspiracy to supply, exportation or importation of drugs will more than likely also involve other investigating bodies such as the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), as well as the HM Revenue and Customs. These investigations are usually drawn out and disruptive. You will require professional legal advice during this difficult time. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks we are very familiar with this lengthy process and will provide you with the best possible service at this time. We have several years of experience in defending clients on the drug related offences.


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