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Drug trafficking, as the title suggests, is the movement of controlled drugs from one country to the other for illegal purposes. There is usually more to drug trafficking than just its movement and more often than not, drug trafficking involves the cultivation of the drugs, production, distribution and sale of these prohibited substances. According to the United Nations, drug trafficking and general trade around the globe generates hundreds of billions of dollars per annum. It is recognised globally as a very serious crime. This explains why it attracts the death penalty in countries such as Singapore,[1] Malaysia and Indonesia among others,[2] and life imprisonment or very lengthy custodial sentences in some cases in the United Kingdom.

The crackdown on drug smuggling across borders all over the world has been attributed to the belief that drugs such as heroin and cocaine are directly and indirectly responsible for a significant percentage of the violent crimes committed in society. Addicts will rob and commit other violent crimes to enable them afford controlled drugs while those under the influence of some controlled drugs may also have limited capacity to understand if and when they commit crimes as serious as murder. It goes without saying therefore that anyone faced with drug trafficking charges must make certain that they are being represented by a team of dedicated and highly competent solicitors.

Drug Trafficking LawyerDrug Trafficking is a Very Serious Drug Offence


Whereas the death penalty, thankfully, does not exist in the United Kingdom, still the prospect of spending the rest of one’s life behind bars is a terribly daunting one even for the bravest of us. We will take on your case and do everything possible and within our professional capacity to reduce the severity of any sentence you may be facing.


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