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This month’s featured lawyer is: Rauf Khalilov:

Rauf Khalilov – Solicitor

We are a team of criminal defence lawyers with a difference and a distinct edge in the market. One of the major features that stand us apart from the rest in criminal defence is the fact that we genuinely care about our clients. Our specialists will confirm to any of our clients that they are very passionate in their belief that everyone deserves a fair and thorough representation. We are strongly opposed to the widely circulated misconception that those who are facing criminal charges do not deserve to be vigorously represented. Amongst other highly motivational mottos, we believe strongly in “innocent until proven guilty”.

The number of times that we have been able to assist in exposing cases where the miscarriage of justice had occurred either in the Court of first instance or even at the Appeal Court continues to fuel our network believe in putting our best into defending our clients facing criminal charges. Criminal law defence is very rarely a black and white case. There are bound to be grey areas which must be thoroughly explored to either vindicate our clients or to at the very least evidence the reasons and mitigating factors surrounding their actions. Boasting of some of the best criminal defence lawyers in London, the network’s recognition and track record of success is attributable in part to the fact that we stand firmly and resolutely behind our clients; their businesses, their families and their civil liberties and rights all through the ordeal of being investigated, questioned, and put on trial.

Dedication to Clients

To us, our clients come first and we are firmly dedicated to providing them with exceptional criminal defence service. As custodians of the law, we are strongly opposed to the grave injustice of sending an innocent man or woman down without adequate representation or handing down a disproportionately high sentence upon conviction. We believe such instances make a mockery of the law. We strive to ensure that such injustice is never visited upon any of our clients. This fires us up to go the extra mile and to leave no stone unturned in providing you with the calibre of services that can only be expected from one of the best criminal defence solicitors in London. We can confidently confirm that we provide our clients with the most meticulous defence possible no matter the charges they are facing. As one of the top criminal law networks in London, we strongly believe the fact that the most important aspect of ensuring that people’s rights, liberties and properties are protected during any court case or indeed criminal investigation is to ensure that there is an effective team of criminal lawyers working earnestly on their behalf.

A significant number of our cases are won on meticulous and relentless case preparation. We pick up clues in the most seemingly mundane facts; a rare skill of the trade that can only be developed over several years of practice as criminal defence experts. We operate in a constantly changing area of law and we have seen new legislations brought in over the last few years in keeping with social, political and economic developments. More than ever before, there is a higher level of collaboration between countries in the combined efforts against terrorism, financial crime and different types of fraud. Some of these new laws and the changes effected to existing ones have effectively widened the net to an almost overpowering capacity. Understanding the thin line between diplomatic relations and the offence of bribery and corruption has become even harder. Accepting financial assistance from loved ones and friends may now, under more recent anti-money laundering regulations, constitute an offence. A spouse stands the risk of being found guilty of receiving the proceeds of crime on assets transferred into his or her name by the husband or wife.

In order to ensure that we continue to provide you with the high level of professional and expert legal service all our clients are accustomed to, our criminal defence experts keep themselves very much abreast of these developments. As such, we are able to offer current, relevant and expert legal advice on any aspect of the criminal allegations you may be facing. The ease with which we are able to bring clarity to the seemingly grey areas of law will instil confidence in you in relation to our defence lawyers’ knowledge of the law and their ability to proactively and robustly defend your case. This is one of the reassurances and promises we offer our clients:

No case is too small or too big for us!

From Road Traffic Accidents, Criminal Damage, Benefit Fraud to more serious crimes like GBH, murder and commercial or white collar crimes like fraud and embezzlement, every client is important to us and we accord each and every one of our clients with the necessary level of importance and priority. No matter what the allegations against you are, we fully understand how daunting the whole prospect can be and we are here to relief you of as much of the stress as possible. Knowing that your matter is being handled by a dedicated team of experts who will painstakingly prepare your case for trial and vigorously defend you in court will render the process more bearable. So if you are looking for the best criminal defence solicitors in London with a robust and proactive approach to defending their clients; a dedicated team of experts who will put your interests first, you just found us! With our numerous years of experience and constant development, we remain current and relevant in a constantly developing area of law.

Our extensive experience reflects on our outstanding level of expertise. The commitment we have to our clients and the dedication with which we defend their cases stem from our network belief in the law and the fact that every client represents a human life to us; a family man or woman, someone’s wife, husband, brother, sister or child. At London Criminal Defence Solicitors, you are far more than just a number to us! Contact us today for an initial discussion of your case.

At London Criminal Defence Solicitors, we are an authority on criminal defence.


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