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Similar to the more stringent measures which the law has applied to the possession of firearms and explosives since the historic terrorist attacks on America and the United Kingdom, bomb hoax offence has also assumed a higher level of severity with commensurate sentencing. It is an offence which also constitutes wastage of police time. Section 51 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 criminalises bomb hoax and defines it as where an individual deliberately misleads another individual or group of individuals to believe that there is an article of bomb in their immediate environment or elsewhere, which will explode and occasion personal injury and/or damages. The law does not require any more specifics other than that others have been induced to believe that they are in potential danger of the ‘bomb’ exploding.  This offence usually carries with it a punishment, upon summary conviction, of no more than 6 months. The case is significantly different however where the matter is committed to the Crown Court on indictment. Upon conviction on indictment, the penalty may be as high as a 7 year custodial sentence.

Bomb Hoax

Bomb explosions can lead to prison punishment


Deciding if your matter should be decided at the Magistrate’s court or the crown court is a very important decision given the significant difference in sentencing. Our experts will advise, once they have asked every relevant question and duly as well as attentively noted your responses, as to the best course of action for you; Magistrate’s or Crown court hearing; if we will be entering a plea of not guilty or guilty.

At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network , we have defended clients charged with bomb hoax and have relied, depending on the particular circumstances, on grounds of defence such as genuine an honest mistake, diminished or indeed lack of capacity of the defendant at the time of the crime and other extenuating circumstances which may be relied upon for the reduction of the severity of the offence and subsequent sentence. As is ordinarily the case with most criminal offences, in the absence of capability or indeed the ability to understand the offence been committed at the time, criminal liability might be somewhat difficult for the prosecution to maintain against the accused.

Our primary responsibility to you as one of our highly valued clients is to establish the existence of any such mitigating circumstances and to rely upon the same in preparing your defence. Our dedication to our clients is second to none. We are fully conscious of the fact that our clients are central to our success history and as such, we treat all our clients; both new and existing, with utmost respect, hold their matters and details in the highest confidence and approach their matters with the most proactive and robust approach imaginable. Whatever charges you are facing or investigations that may have been launched surrounding your activities, give us a call today and we will provide you with the same excellent service which stands us completely out of the crowd. 


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