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The Offence of Discharging Firearms

Possession of Firearms is taken a step further where the weapon in question has actually been put to use and this is known as discharging. Where a firearm is discharged, the pertinent questions the law will seek to find answers to include the purpose of the discharge; was a further crime committed such as shooting at specific targets; was the discharge intended; was it a premeditated act and how violent was the discharge? All of these questions will be asked in association with other related ones for the purpose of determining the severity of the offence.

Where premeditation can be established and the discharge found to have been violent, an additional count of murder, attempted murder or occasioning grievous bodily harm charges may be brought in addition to unlawful possession of firearms and explosives. These are serious allegations which may attract extensive custodial sentences. We will strongly advise that you contact us immediately to increase your chances of getting a better result at trial. Our clients have every confidence in our ability to find any irregularity in the Prosecution’s case against them and to utilise this to their advantage. We will ensure that you receive a fair trial and that any relevant and mitigating circumstance is stressed to the court.

Vigorous case preparation is pivotal to the success of any trial regardless of the seriousness of the allegations; presentation is also a major factor. We are top criminal law network in London. We are vastly experienced in both. Give us a call today.


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