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Explosions Offences

It is a criminal offence in the United Kingdom to cause an explosion which may potentially endanger life and/or occasion serious injury to people and properties. This offence is originally covered by the Explosives Substances Act 1883. It is important to note that the allegations may stand whether or not the explosion goes ahead or if it was merely intended. The gravity of the offence and subsequent punishment if convicted will however vary depending on whether or not the explosion took place and if people were killed or injured and properties destroyed.

Explosives charge

Explosions often lead to criminal charges


Possession of explosives is an offence on its own and is potentially punishable by imprisonment. Where the explosion does take place and lives and property are endangered, the person or persons responsible may be facing protracted custodial sentences and in some cases, life imprisonment. The scope and severity of this offence witnessed significant extension in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the United States of America in 2001 and the United Kingdom shortly thereafter. The malicious misuse of explosives is now a criminal offence as is the involvement of any third party who may have wilfully provided support and assistance in financial, moral or any other capacity to the making and misuse of explosives. Although the allegations are rather serious, it is not enough for the authorities to prosecute under the Explosive Substances Act in the absence of the explosives in question.

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