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Possession of firearms and explosives without the required certificate is a criminal offence under the Firearms Act 1968. The Act further prohibits possession in certain situations. Acquisition and possession by minors is prohibited and the supply of firearms to minors is also regarded as constituting a criminal offence. The Firearms Act was recently amended in 2010 and in light of the development in combating terrorism over the last decade or so, unlawful possession of firearms and explosives has now assumed an even higher priority. There might be any number of reasons why you are in possession of firearms and explosives without the license or certificate required by law.

You can talk to us about any of these reasons and we will base your defence on the specific circumstances surrounding your possession. For those without a criminal history, we will call on the court to take this into consideration and to apply maximum leniency to the sentence. Even when there is a history of past convictions; related or otherwise, we will nevertheless provide you with the most efficient defence service possible and build your case around facts and evidence which may potentially diminish culpability. The last thing you want is for the Police to even remotely associate a mere case of possession to terrorism in the line of questioning. You must insist on your legal representative being present prior to providing an interview with the Police.

Our Duty Solicitors are constantly on hand to attend Police Station interviews with you in or outside London. Simply inform the Police that you have your own Solicitors who you would wish to come and represent you. It is well within your legal right. Any ‘evidence’ collected in an interview conducted without legal representative in place even after you have requested it will be fiercely argued by us to be inadmissible in court. Call us today; a decision you will not regret. 


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