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Applying for any kind of Council related benefit these days often means filling out numerous forms and providing copious amount of information, depending on the applicant’s personal circumstances. It is not impossible, in this process, to mistakenly supply information which has changed or is less than accurate at the time. Also, circumstances change all the time and it may be that the need to inform the Local Authority of the change in circumstances slips your mind. Whatever the situation is, if you have been accused of benefit fraud or you are currently being investigated for any kind of benefit fraud, you need to get immediate legal advice from an experienced network of London defence solicitors like London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks


As top benefit fraud solicitors, our team of experts have several years of experience of providing legal guidance, assistance and representation to people who have, at one point or the other, being accused of council tax overpayment, claiming housing allowance deceptively, or receiving monies from the Job Centre they were never entitled to. The legal assistance we render in such cases includes first and foremost going through the details with you and thereafter speaking to the Council on your behalf. Under the current economic climate, it is no longer as easy for the Council to prosecute anyone accused of non-payment of Council tax. Benefit fraud on the other hand is being prosecuted more often as the Local Authorities, like every other organisation, has been affected by the recession.

We will explain your particular circumstances to the Council and strive to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement where there are allegations of overpayment of benefits. We endeavour to put our skills to the most effective use to avoid prosecution. Even where it appears too late to put a stop to proceedings, for example, where they have already been initiated,  our dedicated team of benefit fraud lawyers will prepare your defence in court and call attention to factors that may be mitigating and potentially helpful.

In some cases, the best course of action may be for us to negotiate with the Local Authority on your behalf. Prior to admitting to any wrong doing however and proposing a settlement, our benefit fraud solicitor will utilise the expertise of reputable forensic accountants in determining whether or not you have indeed been over paid and to what extent. This is not applicable in every case and will more often than not be relevant where the overpaid benefit is substantial. Whatever the case may be, we are here to offer our cut edge expertise and the wealth of knowledge our solicitors have accumulated over the years in diverse areas of criminal defence work. The earlier you call us, the better the chances of settling any claim out of court.


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