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Company fraud is a wide umbrella under which related offences such as corporate fraud, business fraud or business crime, and bribery are applicable. Any fraudulent trading activity by an entity may result in investigations and subsequent charges of company fraud being brought against the company and almost always, its directors. Fraudulent activity in this context may also include HMRC, Carousel and VAT fraud or “massaging the books” as it were. Simply put, any kind of activity or action which may be deemed illegal and against public interest and from which an organisation and its officers/directors stand to benefit may lead to company fraud allegations.

In most cases of fraud cases, including company fraud, the overriding factor is the allegation of deliberate dishonesty and this covers a wide variety of offences. The common factors in fraud cases; be it company fraud, Ponzi fraud, or others usually require a fair degree of expertise. Such common factors include the almost immediate freezing of the suspect’s assets once investigations are launched by the prosecuting bodies, unannounced raids of the different locations where the suspected fraudulent activities allegedly took place, extensive forensic investigation and trudging through documents and paperwork of such volume that practically no other criminal law case entails. It is pivotal to the outcome of the case therefore that only the best and equally experienced corporate fraud solicitors are fighting your corner at every stage of the investigation, through to trial and beyond.

Business Crime SolicitorsBusiness Crime Offences Usually Involve Serious Amounts of Money


Our corporate crime lawyers are simply the best at what they do, not only because they are extremely knowledgeable specialists in serious and corporate fraud but also because they genuinely care about their clients and the impact of these investigations on their personal and corporate affairs. Some of our business crime lawyers have been in the field of corporate fraud defence for so long that they are extremely conscious of the best methods of approach at any stage of the matter; investigation, trial and sentencing, if it does indeed come to that.

As one of the criminal law networks in London with the best business crime solicitors in UK, our team of specialist serious and corporate fraud lawyers will see to it that any restraining order aimed at freezing your assets or those of the company are not overly difficult, impossible or designed to cause you and your family significant and unnecessary hardship. If you have been served with a restraining order pending the outcome of company fraud investigation, our specialist commercial fraud lawyers will be able to provide you and the company with expert legal advice and assistance.

With more than 3 decades of experience between them, our business crime solicitors are also very adept at representing clients at interviews under caution and providing general assistance where necessary with the requirements and demands of the investigating authority. The fact that the volume of documents to be considered for trial is more often than not higher than in most other cases is by no means a daunting task for us. We will devote the necessary level of attention, eagle sharp eye and strong analytical mind to the exercise; taking care to identify such documents that may prove vital to our client’s defence.

The team of expert forensic accountants we rely on also come highly recommended and follow the same strict policy and procedure for confidentiality as our solicitors. In the large majority of company fraud cases we have defended, our forensic experts have established themselves as specialists in their filed, thoroughly scrutinising and analysing accounting records and successfully identifying irregularities in the Prosecution’s case against our clients. Investigating and prosecuting authorities are increasingly focussing on corporate entities to see whether or not their operations are above board and that business is being conducted within the safe parameters of the law.

Our major concern for our clients is that even where the suspicions of fraud are subsequently found to be unproven, the investigation process would nonetheless have had an adverse effect on the company’s operations and reputation. As one of the best London business crime solicitors, our specialists will invest the best of efforts into ensuring that as little disruption as possible is brought to your business and your private life as a result of fraud investigations into your company. We must however reiterate that time is of absolute essence.

 Once you become aware of the possibility of your company falling under the surveillance of any of the relevant authorities including the HMRC, SOCA, or Metropolitan Police, our best advice to you is to seek immediate legal assistance. Our corporate fraud solicitors will step in and assess the full situation in order to provide you with expert business crime advice. With several years of experience in defending clients against commercial fraud and business crime allegations, our business crime solicitors are thoroughly versed in the field. This is why London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks boasts of some of the best London business crime solicitors.  We are arguably first amongst our equals in corporate crime defence.

Business or company fraud can be a very lengthy process with significant paper trudge sometimes in excess of hundreds of thousands of pages. Transactions are checked against entries and the finances of the company under investigation are often times gone through with a toothpick by the prosecution. As such, the business crime lawyer assigned to your case will also leave no stone unturned. Our all barrels approach to case preparation means we are constantly a step at the least ahead of the prosecution. So if you are in need of legal advice and representation from some of the best corporate fraud lawyers London has to offer, then pick up the phone and call us today or send us an enquiry. A specialist business crime lawyer will revert to you without further ado.



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