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Whilst it is accurate that white collar crime is non-violent offence, it is a crime nevertheless in England and Wales as well as most other countries. White collar crime is a type of fraud through systemic lying, cheating and ‘massaging’ the corporate books for fraudulent gain. The term was first adopted in 1939 when Edwin Sutherland defined it as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.”[1] A wide variety of offences come under white collar crime but the common feature is the financial motivation. The prosecution will most likely pile up a daunting stack of evidence in order to prove their case against a suspect. The preparation needed for a white collar crime solicitor to build up a defence for the charge is very extensive and thorough one. It is vital to the outcome of the case that the defence team is made up of a team of legal luminaries who have very sharp eyes for details, very developed analytical minds and the ability to recognise leads as soon as they are glimpsed.

At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, our London white collar fraud lawyers possess all of the skills, expertise, experience and thorough knowledge of the law that will be very instrumental in seeing that you get the best white collar crime defence possible. The tools with which your legal defence against white collar crime charges can be most effectively put together are at our immediate disposal. In your hunt for the best white collar fraud solicitors in London therefore, look no further. Speak to a white collar solicitor from our network today and you will be taking a most significant step in the right direction. We take nothing for granted and leave nothing to chance; one of the ethos of our organisation and the secret behind our success.

White collar fraud caseLengthy prison terms for white collar crimes are not a myth


Even with our countless years of experience and abundant skills, our white collar crime solicitors remain conscious of the fact that a certain level of tactic, professionalism and above all, discretion is required when dealing with a white collar crime charge. We will take all your circumstances into consideration and provide you with a tailor made service customised to your requirements and legal need.


Our approach remains the same; we go through the pile of papers, receipts, trails of transactions and every other form of evidence the prosecution believes it holds against you. Our aim, first and foremost, is to be able to decipher, by meticulously and painstakingly going through the prosecution material, whether or not the allegations of white collar crime are speculative or otherwise. Quite often, erroneous deductions are made from the prosecution from what can be evidenced to be perfectly legitimate transactions upon closer scrutiny. However experience, a special set of skills and the most essential requirement; the client’s best interest, are required for this discovery to be made by a defence team.

Not only are we passionate about our clients’ matters, we pride ourselves on our high level of professionalism and strive at all times to maintain and even further develop the same. This fills our existing clients with the confidence that commands their loyalty in what is otherwise a very competitive industry. It is also, we have found, very reassuring for our potential clients to fully understand that as a firm of experts, there is not task we will not undertake in preparing their defence; including going through thousands of pages of evidence as is more commonly the case in white collar crime cases.

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail. If that all too important information with the potential of establishing our client’s innocence or diminishing, at least, their involvement and culpability, we will find it and capitalise on it! This is the kind of motivation that keeps members of our team going. No task is too small or too big for us at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network. If it is important to our client, it is very important to us. Do not commit corporate suicide therefore over and above the allegations of white collar crime. Speak to us today before matters get well out of hands.

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[1] Sutherland Edwin H., (1949) White Collar Crime, Dryden Press; The University of California 


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