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The biggest asset of any organisation is its human capital. There are several legislations serving the primary purpose of safeguarding the employee’s interests and ensuring that their rights are duly recognised. These rights extend to the environment in which they work and how safe it is for them. Health and safety, as well as the environment in which a business operates have therefore become very important in recent times. Every employee has a right to work in a healthy and safe environment. Where this is found not to be the case and that workers are subjected to less than acceptable standards at work, there may be a very steep price to pay. The primary legislation on health and safety at work is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Worse than any financial penalty is the possibility of the media getting a hold of the story and rendering the reputation of the organisation in tatters.

Our advice to businesses; small, medium or large, is that health and safety matters as well as the environment in which they operate now require serious consideration. The need to adopt management systems that make adequate provisions for the implementation, monitoring and improvement of health and safety policies as the need arises for the latter must be embraced now more than ever.


Our lawyers at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are specialists in every aspect of health and safety in the work place. We advise and assist our clients on how best to remain within the safe parameters of the law in terms of environmental compliance. We prepare bespoke policies and procedures which are specifically relevant to your organisation. Our policies and procedures are not only easy to enforce but they are practical prompters for management, those in charge of health and safety issues as well as every member of staff. Our services are designed with primary focus on the need for optimum productivity at all times and removal of the possibility of litigation.

With the number of Personal Injury networks on an all time high, incidents at work which would otherwise have been regarded as ‘an accident’ are now seen as perfect litigation and/or compensation opportunities. The effect can be quite crippling on a network, both financially and in terms of reputation if health and safety due diligence is not in place. Our specialist health, safety and environment solicitors have acquired several years of assisting and advising companies and senior management of the need to make certain that the work environment is safe for employees and third parties who may have reason to be there at one point or the other. Failure to implement and enforce network wide compliance with health and safety issues my result in an enquiry or investigation being launched into the company’s operations and sometimes subsequent prosecution for failing to adhere to health, safety and environmental laws. 

If all you seek at this point is some guidance as to how best to implement compliant health and safety rules in the environment your business is conducted, we will be happy to assist in assessing your needs first and foremost and thereafter to create tailor made solution in the form of policies and procedures for your health and safety at work needs. If you are already being investigated and/or facing prosecution, you will be glad to our areas of expertise include legal representation during investigation and prosecution should the case proceed that far.

We have extensive experience of dealing with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Environment Agency (EA), the Police, Local Authorities and other related bodies. Action is needed as soon as you become aware that an incident at work has been reported to any of the relevant authorities. You must secure the services of a network of criminal defence solicitors with health and safety experience. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, some of the services we offer include conduct of internal investigation, handling external investigation, attend interview under caution with our clients, legal representation at Magistrte’s as well as the Crown Court, check for the level of due diligence in health and safety matters and make recommendations, where necessary. We can also appeal against any decision we feel is disproportionate to the offence committed. 

We have Health and Safety consultants who will be able to go through your case, attend interviews under caution with you, and advice you on all related matters as the case progresses. Simply give our defence lawyers London a call today whether you are facing charges already, if you have been arrested or being investigated. Even where you are merely desirous of putting policies and procedures into place for monitoring health, safety and environmental issues, our solicitors are available to assist and advice. With their experience and thorough knowledge of the relevant legislations such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, our health and safety lawyers will provide you and your business with excellent guidance and support.


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