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The common saying that the world has become a global village is very accurate in light of the ease with which people now travel from one part of the globe to the other; covering thousands of miles in the space of mere hours. As some people relocate from one country to the other, some others are embarking on the same or similar journeys in reverse. Although there are diverse reasons behind the movement of people from one country to the other, certain developments, some more recent than others, have brought the issue of immigration into the limelight in the field of criminal defence.

Immigration can be both a complex and a straightforward matter depending on the circumstances which surround each case and the manner in which it is presented. London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks is one of the best immigration and criminal law networks in London. We know that being an illegal immigrant or aliens as they are called in the United States, is a heavy and constant burden for most people. Some of the clients we have successfully represented confirmed that they were constantly in fear of deportation.

Immigration Lawyer in London

We are one of the highest ranked immigration law networks in UK


Practically every aspect of life becomes difficult. Illegal immigrants are mostly unable to engage in gainful employment except where they add to the crime already committed and seek employment with fake or forged papers. Our interest in immigration law is driven by the inevitable association between immigration law and the criminal offences that are associable. We have a very developed immigration department headed and run by top immigration lawyers in London as well as US immigration lawyers in London. This combination of talents and the fact that our specialised team of immigration solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience of immigration law both at home and aboard stand us out as the best solicitors in London for immigration.

Our expertise is not limited to the defence of illegal immigrants alone, although this is undeniably one of our particular areas of proficiency. We also offer immigration advice which is almost always exclusive to our client’s specific requirements. There are hardly two cases of immigration that have the same facts and details. Although there is usually an element of similarity, our immigration solicitors do not generalise. This is one of the reasons why we are the best immigration lawyers in London. Our immigration solicitors will ensure that they gain a thorough understanding of your case by listening to your instructions and going through any available paper work from the Home Office or other relevant parties.

Top Immigration Lawyers in London

As one of the most reputable immigration solicitors in London, London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks, as a network, rely on the knowledge, expertise, and deep understanding of our skilled immigration lawyers. Our immigration lawyers are particularly sympathetic towards the plights of our clients, especially those facing deportation and/or immigration charges. Whatever the charges and or allegations being brought against you, we will assign a London immigration lawyer to your case who will be supported with other immigration specialist team members in ensuring that your rights and liberties are clearly defined and protected. Where applicable, we will also ensure that a London based US immigration attorney is assigned to your case to maximise our knowledge of immigration and associable criminal law on both sides of the pond.

If you are worried about your immigration status and feel certain that it is only a matter of time before you are served with deportation letters or if you are constantly worried of the possibility of being arrested during any immigration check exercise, call us today for expert immigration advice. Are you looking for the best London immigration lawyers? Are you or a family member likely to be deported on illegal immigrant or other grounds? Are you looking for top immigration solicitors in West London or best immigration solicitors in East London? You do not have to look any further. Our combined expertise in immigration law and criminal law means that if there is an extension of a criminal charge of forged papers or fake passport attached to your immigration case, our vastly experienced immigration and criminal defence lawyers will fight your cases to the highest standard. We will rely on any of the factors which may be argued in your favour, particularly in asylum cases where to effectively deport an asylum seeker may be in contravention of international law.

We pride ourselves on our unmatchable level of expertise, our extremely detailed comprehensive attention to details, the meticulous manner in which prepare our clients’ cases  and our track record of success in immigration matters and criminal law matters. It is understandable therefore why we are regarded as one of the top UK immigration lawyers. There are admittedly quite a number of immigration law networks in London, however if you are looking for a network of solicitors who will put your interest first and treat your case with the level of seriousness it deserves, speak to any of our immigration lawyers today and find out why they are regarded as the best immigration lawyers in London UK.

UK Immigration and Criminal Law

In our experience, a fair percentage of immigration cases may involve an element of criminal law. Some of the associable criminal matters include allegations of human trafficking, production and sale of fake documents such as passports and NI Cards, importation of drugs, smuggling tobacco and terrorist related charges among several others. In most cases, sentencing is almost always going to involve deportation to the offender’s home country. In other cases, such deportation may be in addition to serving a prison sentence here in the United Kingdom in the first instance, paying a penalty and/or a combination thereof.

With the increasing level of interdependency between the countries of the world and most notably within the European Union, our specialists criminal and immigration solicitors will confirm that extradition of immigrants to the countries where the alleged crimes were committed has also witnessed significant rise in more recent times. The important alliance between the United States and the United Kingdom is also a noteworthy example as the quite recent case of the British citizen extradited to the United States for alleged hacking offences evidences. Smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, for example, at the back of a lorry through Calais, has also become a more regular incident. It nevertheless remain an offence which may attract significant fines as high as £10,000 to £15,000 where it can be proven that the driver was aware of the illegal immigrants’ presence and intentions. The illegal immigrants will almost always be deported. If you have been charged with illegally smuggling people into the country or you are worried about your status as an illegal immigrant, contact one of the top UK immigration law networks today; contact London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks.

We will provide you with the most detailed and specialised immigration advice and legal representation as possible. Such is our confidence in our experienced immigration solicitors that we are confident that our clients receive the best legal advice on UK immigration law from us at any given time. With our level of expertise and reputation as one of the most proactive and robust criminal defence and immigration law networks in London, you can be rest assured that you will be getting top quality service from our lawyers, including immigration advice from our highly experienced and professional immigration solicitors.


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