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Extradition is quite different from deportation under Immigration Law but both processes involve the removal of an individual from their current place of abode to another country by law enforcement agencies. Under Extradition Law, a nation is required (where there is an agreement between the nations involved and the applicable conditions have been satisfied) to hand over an individual who is wanted for trial or for sentencing for a crime in another country; known as the requesting country.

The applicable legislation in the UK is the Extradition Act 2003 which divides the requesting countries into Category 1 and Category 2. The extradition process depends on the category the requesting country belongs to and the nature of the concerned individual’s offence. Category 1; the fast track European Arrest Warrant is a more straightforward and quicker process while category 2 is more complicated or complex and the requesting country may be required to prove the eligibility of their case against the individual being extradited. Extradition is a complicated area of law which requires particular skills, a high level of expertise, extensive familiarity with European Conventions, international criminal law and human rights. It is a process which usually commences with little or no warning to the individuals involved and is bound to cause significant disruption to many lives.

There is no doubt to the fact that it is a most stressful and harrowing experience for many of our clients who have had extradition orders made out by requesting countries. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks, we are very proud of our high level of success when it comes to aggressively and most effectively challenging these extradition orders and providing our clients with the level of support and assistance required at these most trying times. The outcome of an extradition case and the associated implication for a client depends largely on the expertise of the lawyers handling the case. Our extensive knowledge and experience in international criminal law means that our extradition lawyers are not only the best at what they do but they are also very astute, extremely professional and skilful solicitors who enjoy an outstanding reputation in extradition matters. Our extradition lawyers have challenged many extradition cases at the City of Westminster, where the large majority of extradition matters in England and Wales commence.

With our international links to Russia, the United States of America, and Poland among others, you can be rest assured of the fact that we will be of utmost assistance in your case. Our lawyers are fluent in many European languages and are just as conversant with the domestic legislations. As a result, we are simply one of the best extradition lawyers in London. If you or your loved ones are facing extradition, the best advice we can offer you is to act immediately and seek expert professional assistance from a reputable extradition lawyer. Our extradition experts at London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks will provide you with assistance, support, as well as a robust and proactive defence all through the extradition process.

Challenging & Defending Extradition

The first step we take in assisting clients facing extradition is to clarify whether or not there is an agreement/treaty between the requesting country and the United Kingdom. If the requesting country is an EU Member State, we will clarify if the extradition order falls under Category 1 or Category 2. Our specialist extradition lawyers will thereafter establish whether or not the relevant prerequisites have been met by the requesting country. Most importantly, we will go through every loop to challenge the genuineness of the extradition; particularly where it is political.

Some of the most important initial questions include what your options are; the gravity of the crime you allegedly committed in the requesting country (or the sentence); whether or not there are any bars to the extradition against you; if we can challenge the grounds or the decision where one has already been obtained. Extradition processes can be very distressing and for most clients, even shocking. Contact our extradition specialists today and take advantage of their wealth of knowledge, expertise and professionalism.


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