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We live in a world that is interconnected in every aspect. The corporate world in particular has witnessed globalisation in a manner that would have been impossible many decades ago. This is due in no small part to the enabling power of technology as a result of which trading between companies all over the world can now be conducted at the push of a button on a computer. While this economic and corporate interconnectedness has brought about unimaginable opportunities and benefits to businesses and communities as a whole, it has also made it much easier for international corporate and financial fraud to be committed. Coupled with the recent global economic recession that rocked the financial markets across the world, companies have become more susceptible to fraud, corruption and financial crime in recent times than before.

Our experts have confirmed a significant rise in the number of international corporate fraud and financial crime cases over the last few years. Investigations have been launched both at home and abroad into companies and individuals suspected to have been involved in international corporate and financial crime for a variety of reasons. This is perhaps one of the most stressful and unsettling period of anyone’s life and the expert advice and assistance of a seasoned international criminal lawyer will prove most beneficial. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law networks, we know that becoming a subject of investigation in an alleged international crime does not only affect the operations of the company under investigation but also the personal and family lives of the individuals involved.

International Criminal Law Network

With members of our specialist fraud team being experts both in the United Kingdom, the United States and some other countries, our wealth of knowledge when it comes to international criminal law in general and the defence of allegations of international corporate fraud and financial crime in particular, is second to none. Not only are we gifted with multilingual experts who bring the added advantage of fully understanding the case against you to the table, our dedicated international fraud lawyers are also extensively versed in the legal systems of other countries including some in the EU and the United States. This has proven exceptionally instrumental in effectively defending our clients in international corporate fraud and financial crime cases.

Given the nature of the offence, extradition is sometimes initiated in some cases. Whether or not this is applicable or where you have been contacted to provide evidence of your alleged involvement in an international financial crime, our wealth of knowledge of international law will be put to the utmost use in vigorously defending your case and ensuring that your interests and privacy are protected at all times. Should the matter proceed to trial after investigations, it goes without saying that we will ensure you are given a fair trial in accordance with the relevant legislations and most importantly under international law. You can be rest assured in the expertise, in-depth knowledge and dedication of our highly skilled international criminal lawyers; all of which will be fully utilised to your benefit.


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