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Charged with Terrorism Offence?

The criminal offence of terrorism has assumed a whole new definition following the September 11 attack on the United States of America and the subsequent July attack on the United Kingdom. Thousands of people died in the combined attacks. The war on terrorism following these two unfortunate incidents has reached unprecedented heights both on the national and international fronts. There is what can be referred to as a zero tolerance approach to terrorism and the facilitation of the same. Over the last 6 years, the British Parliament has passed 4 major legislations in relation to terrorism and the war against terrorism. Under the Terrorism Act 2000 for instance, the Police and other relevant investigating bodies have been vested with additional powers of stop and search where they have reason to suspect any terrorism related activity. Also, under the provisions of the Terrorism Act 2006, a suspect can be detained for questioning by the Police for up to 28 days. The fact that the maximum time a suspect can be detained without a charge is less than 4days buttresses the fact that terrorism is a very serious criminal offence.

What then is terrorism exactly aside from the pictures of the devastating attack on the United States and the UK that we have been fed by the media over and over again? Terrorism can be defined as the use of a high degree of violence or threat thereof. The impact of terrorism is usually very devastating in terms of fatality, extensive damage to property and endangering the lives of the people within the target area and its environs. There is usually an underlying political or religious factor at play in terrorist attacks. As such, the attacks are designed to influence the government or to intimidate the general public. In most cases, the attack is aimed at achieving both purposes.

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In recent times, the trend seems to be suggesting that Islamic radicals such as the late Osama bin Laden and Al Queda, are more likely to be behind terrorist attacks and organisations. This is on account of the school of thought some terrorists appear to subscribe to and their apparent belief that the United States of America in particular and the Western world in general have embraced civilisation at the peril of morality. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in the number of members of particular ethnic and religious groups being affected more than others by the new anti-terrorism regime.

Terrorism Offences in UK

There are different charges that can be brought under the various anti-terrorism legislations. While the main charge is the direction of and/or direct involvement in the perpetuation of a terrorist act, other terrorism offences include membership of a proscribed terrorist organisation, glorifying acts of terrorism (a very recent offence with a maximum prison term of 5years.), funding or assisting in sorting out funding for the purpose of terrorism, conducting training with weapons for the sole purpose of preparing others for terrorist activities. The possession of materials such as articles or art which may also be used in terrorism is a criminal offence.

Even where the collated evidence is insufficient to establish a terrorism connection, other charges which remain under serious crime such as murder, GBH, illegal possession of firearms and explosive possession can nevertheless be brought against the offender. Either way; terrorism or other charges, immediate action is required and you are on the right way there if you are reading this article for answers to the questions plaguing your mind about terrorists charges. We are one phone call or email away!

Expert Defence against Charges of Terrorism

Terrorism is a very serious allegation for any individual to face. Even where the so-called evidence the Police are relying on in their investigations is unfounded, one must err abundantly on the side of caution for every word uttered and action taken not to be erroneously construed. We always strongly advice extra caution in cases related to terrorism and we have a team of specialists who are dedicated to the defence of allegations of terrorism and related matters.

Our Solicitors at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network have considerable experience in challenging any evidence held by any investigating body which purportedly suggests that  client of ours might be a terrorist or be involved in one capacity or the other in the facilitation of acts of terrorism. It is important to point out here that private individuals and corporate bodies can be charged with terrorism or its facilitation. Any funding which can supposedly be traced back to a suspected terrorist organisation may be treated by the authorities as evidence of funding terrorism. We have found, upon vigorously arguing the point while representing some of our clients facing terrorism allegations, that this is not always the case and that having knowledge of someone’s existence or even being known to them does not necessarily mean that the alleged offender is facilitating terrorism. It has been found to be even be the case on occasion that the defendant had no inclination as to the other person’s affiliation with any terrorist group.

London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are one of the best criminal defence lawyers London in defending clients who are facing terrorism and/or related charges and although such cases can be very complex with a drawn out investigation most times, our promise and assurance to our clients remain the same. We have a team of extremely experienced organised crime solicitors who have been in criminal defence practice for several years and have defended some very high profile cases on numerous criminal charges including terrorism, serious fraud, human trafficking, serious organised crime, drugs offences and corporate manslaughter, to mention but a few. In most, if not all criminal cases, we urge clients and potential clients not to waste valuable time and to secure the services of legal experts without any delay. This advice is particularly important where allegations of terrorism have been brought or are in the process of being brought against an individual.

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