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Criminal Justice System in UK

For most people who have never seen the insides of a Police Station or Court Room before, being invited for interview by the Police or arrested is bound to be most stressful and disconcerting. The fact that you are on our webpage and reading this article has resolved more than half of the issues on ground. It evidences that you are not alone and that you can rely on the expert services of our dedicated and highly skilled specialists. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network will provide all the assistance and professional help you need to get through any Police interview and subsequent court attendances.

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The first and sometimes most important stage in a criminal case is the Police Station interview. The need to refrain from inadvertently implicating yourself and/or others in the course of a Police station interview cannot possibly be overestimated. The Police officer(s) conducting the interview would have, in all probability and all things being equal, read your Miranda Rights before commencing. Regardless of your innocence or how you feel about the allegations you are facing, the worst mistake anyone can possibly make is to waive their right to legal representation at Police interview. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you relinquish your rights to a defence solicitor’s presence and advice.

London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are available round the clock. Our Police Station Accredited lawyers will be happy to be of assistance during the interview and at the Trial, if there is to be one. Being summoned to Court and or charged with a criminal offence with a set trial date can be just as daunting, if not more so, than the Police Station interview. Strategic and expert representation is most needed and we are confident that our solicitors will provide you with the best legal advice and service possible. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network boasts of some of London’s and New York’s most prominent criminal defence lawyers. Our wealth of knowledge, experience and years of representing clients before the Magistrate’s, Crown and even the Supreme Courts, will most certainly be beneficial to your case. Contact us today!


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