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Our solicitors have been defending clients against criminal charges in the Crown Court for well over 25 years. Our areas of expertise re vast and covers various criminal offences heard before the Magistrate’s and Crown Court. Cases are usually committed to the Crown Court from the Magistrate’s where the seriousness of the matter exceeds the authority of the Magistrate’s court and where the defendant does not wish to enter a guilty plea. Either way, if your case is being heard before the Crown Court and you have arrived at this site while searching for legal representation, you can be rest assured that you are exactly where you need to be.

Our criminal solicitors in London are ranked first among their equals in their criminal defence work. We have extensive experience in defending clients on fraud, serious and general crime, bribery and corruption as well as regulatory charges among several others listed on our Homepage. It is safe to assert confidently therefore that our lawyers are very adept at what they do; providing our clients with expert legal representation at every possible level and against any investigating authority. For us, diligent and methodical preparation is key. Our lawyers are masters at this.  Together with highly knowledgeable barristers and other relevant experts, we will unanimously present your case to the Judge and jury in the most effective and persuasive manner possible. We will drone in on all the circumstances which may be deemed as extenuating.

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Furthermore, we will carry you along and keep you fully aware of developments on your case every step of the way. Removing legal jargons, we will ensure that you know exactly what is happening at every stage; advising you accordingly on every relevant and appropriate step that needs to be taken in adequate preparation for a Crown Court trial.

We believe very strongly in the fact that no man is an island and as such, we concentrate on those aspects of our clients’ cases that we are confirmed experts in. We combine the excellent efforts of our team of specialised Senior Solicitors with those of expert Counsel and other relevant third parties; such as forensic accountants, as the case may require. Between them, the members of our team of criminal defence lawyers and Counsel boast of countless years of court experience. They have, as such, mastered the art of reaching the judge and jury through their highly persuasive arguments and presentation. Our proven track record is evidence of the fact that hard work does pay off in the end. Our success level to date also proves that the numerous hours, days, weeks and even sometimes months of relentless and tireless case preparation, following leads, collecting witness statements and challenging the credibility of prosecution material significantly impact the outcome of a case.

Our primary goal is to ensure that you receive the best level of legal representation conceivable. This means that we will desire to win your case or at least significantly reduce your chances of going to prison. We want to protect our clients’ assets from seizure, confiscation or even forfeiture and we want to ensure that your business, work and family life do not suffer excessively as a result of the allegations you are facing. In order to accomplish all these, we will leave no stone unturned in achieving this goal on your behalf. Our history of accomplishments speaks for itself. Your assistance as our client will quite naturally be required from time to time to provide us with detailed and pertaining information, and to tell us who your witnesses and alibis are, if any.


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