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When a prisoner is provisionally released from custody on licence or on pre-agreed conditions, he or she is said to be on parole. Where these conditions are breached, the standard practice is to recall the prisoner to custody. Under the Parole system in England and Wales, the Parole Board is vested with the power to hear Parole applications and to discretionarily decide when certain prisoners can be released early from prison. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are vastly experienced in representing clients at Parole Hearings.

Prior to the oral hearing, our criminal defence lawyers in London will provide you with expert and professional advice for preparation towards your Parole Hearing. Since coming into force of the Human Rights Act 1998, changes have had to be introduced to the UK Parole system and in particular in relation to the independence of the Parole Board; the procedural rights of prisoners and undue delay in reaching or communicating decisions to those in custody following their parole hearing. We have successfully represented clients in cases where the Parole Board decided not to release our clients from custody even where there was overwhelming evidence to the effect that they were reformed characters. Contact us today regarding your parole or upcoming parole hearing of a loved one and a member of our dedicated team of criminal defence experts will contact you at the earliest opportunity with all the professional advice you need.


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