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The Police Station is very important to the outcome of any case. This is where the initial interview takes place under caution. Your Miranda Rights would have been read and you would have been informed that you have the right to be legally represented. Some people may decide to waive this right because they are confident in their ability to show the authorities that they are not guilty of the offence for which they have been arrested. We have found in our several years of experience that this is almost always a very serious mistake. Without the advice and expertise of a criminal defence solicitor while you are being asked questions about the offence, there is every tendency for some of the answers you give to be accord the wrong meaning in the attempt to implicate you further. The pressure on the Police to rid society of crime is enormous. In the disbursement of their duties therefore, it is sometimes difficult for the Police to believe that some people are as innocent as they claim to be.

Mere presence at a crime scene just before or after the crime was committed does not make a person a criminal. It however takes an experienced and confident criminal defence solicitor to stand up to the police and to advice you with regards to the questions to answer and the ones to give a ‘no comment’ response to. The Police are trained to psychologically extract answers from people. They ask leading questions which can be very effective in getting the desired answers from people. However, where the person being interviewed is not guilty of the crime, it would be a travesty for them to be implicated during the interview and answers which may be given innocently.

 Police Representation Solicitor

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It is evident from the above that the interview at the police stations is very important to the outcome of any case. The need for you to ensure that you have legal representation can therefore not be over emphasised. Our lawyers at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network have been representing clients at Police Stations all over the country for many years. No matter what the nature of the offence you are being questioned over is, our expert criminal defence solicitors will be on hand to make sure that your rights and interests are effectively protected.

Our Police Station accredited solicitors are available round the clock. Let the police officers know that you would want your solicitor present before the interview commences and give them our number. One of our solicitors will be there for you. Even if the initial interview has been conducted and you have been asked to return to the Police Station at a later date for further questioning, give us a call and we will be there with you on the day. This is known as Bail to Return (BTR) and is usually applicable where investigations are still ongoing and the police are trying to gather more evidence to support their allegations. Subsequent interviews are therefore as serious and important as the first one.

Do not handle these matters with laxity. We must reiterate that the outcome of most cases depend in no uncertain terms on the answers given to questions asked at the Police Station. Smith & 4h Solicitors will make sure that your responses are not misconstrued in any way. Call us today on 0203 514 0088 and enjoy the benefits of our excellent criminal defence service.


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