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Being in prison is perhaps one of the most trying periods of anyone’s life. It can also be a particularly distressing experience for their loved ones and family members. Prison sentences vary from a few months to a life sentence depending on the degree and seriousness of the offence committed. It really fails to matter how long a short your prison sentence is for; the law provides you with rights and privileges even when you are serving a prison term. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not forfeit your human rights whilst in prison. Our experts have dealt with an impressive number of cases involving, in particular, the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights as it relates to the right to life.

Prison LawyersPrison Solicitors Provide Legal Advice About Prison Law

As your lawyers, our Prison Law Department at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network will ensure that you are not maltreated in custody. Our solicitors are very adept at Prison Law matters relating to Police Misconduct, Mental Health and Discrimination Law. Our expertise in Prison Law also extends to the challenging of any policy which may be unlawful or discriminatory. We have dealings with the Prison and Parole Boards on a regular basis on behalf of our clients who are behind bars. Our ultimate goal is to protect your interests. If this is related to Prison transfers for medical reasons where possible and applicable, or from one prison to another to afford our clients more proximity to their loved ones, we will provide you with full representation.

Our solicitors are principally opposed to breaches of human rights and have been known to successfully bring compensation claims against the prison authorities involved. We will act on your behalf regarding issues you may have while in prison and will devote the same level of dedication to securing the best possible result for you under the circumstances. We are one of the best Prison Law solicitors in London with prison lawyers who have been representing incarcerated clients on every conceivable Prison Law issue for many years. With their high level of expertise and dedication to providing you with the best client service possible, our Prison Law Solicitors are ranked ahead of their peers. So no matter what difficulties you or a loved one are facing in prison or if you believe your human rights have been violated or that you have been discriminated against, contact us today and let us take the weight off your shoulders.


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