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Privacy and Data Protection:

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other related legislations such as the Human Rights Act 2000, London’s most prominent criminal defence law network takes every reasonable step to ensure that the privacy o the Site’s Users is effectively protected. Any personal data collected from our Users in the course of providing them with the expert services we provide or during their use of the Site is held strictly in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s guidelines.  As such, the data processing practices at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network is compliant with the provisions of the relevant legislations on data protection. Any enquiry and/or questions in relation to the processing, use and subsequent disposal of personal information held by the network should be addressed in writing to the network’s Data Processor

We are not however in control of the manner in which third party websites process and store their collected data. We advise that you ensure therefore that your data protection and privacy rights are protected by such sites prior to providing your personal information. Personal information for the purpose of data collection and processing include the following:

  • Your Title
  • Your name
  • Employment status
  • Position Held
  • Employer’s details
  • Marital status
  • Evidence of your residential status: full address, phone numbers and utility bills
  • Contact Details
  • Financial Details in the form of credit, debit and/or store cards as well as Bank details for payment of services being rendered to you


Data Processing Notification:

London’s most prominent criminal defence law network collect personal information strictly and for the sole purpose of being processed by London’s most prominent criminal defence law network. At no point whatsoever will your personal data ever be divulged to any third party without your express and prior written consent.  There is an exception to the rule however and where public interest supersedes your privacy, personal information we hold about you may have to be disclosed to the relevant authorities. There are a number of ways through which personal data is collected from our Users and they include the following:

  • In the process of confirming your identity in compliance with due diligence requirements
  • Information collected about you via enquiry and registration forms
  • Personal information you may have provided the network with
  • Personal information gathered during the course of acting on your behalf
  • In a job application process. Sensitive personal information with regards to your religion, sexual orientation, ethnic background and other such sensitive issues may also be gathered during job application. Our Data Processor takes every reasonable care to ensure that your sensitive and non-sensitive personal details are held securely in a safe place and that they are disposed of once they have served their purpose.


Use and Disclosure of Personal Information:

In further compliance with the provisions of Data Protection 1998, London’s most prominent criminal defence law network will only process and utilise your personal information for the express purpose for which it was collected. Such purposes may include the following:

  • Your subscription to our website or other relevant material
  • The conduct of market  research
  • If you choose the ‘opt in’ option which permits us to contact you periodically with details of our product and services.
  • For measurement and monitoring of our Equality and Diversity policy
  • We may share your details with third party service providers where we believe that their services may be beneficial to you. This will however only be done where you agree to your information been shared with potentially beneficial and trusted third parties.
  • When instructing other experts in the course of your representation

When collecting your personal information, London’s most prominent criminal defence law network will clearly indicate where and when your express permission is requested for the purpose of keeping you updated on our products and services. You will also be asked for your permission to share your details with carefully selected third party service providers where we believe that your case will require the expertise of such third parties. In the event that the network’s services are taken over by another network of Solicitors, such successors may gain access to your personal data. Where investigation or related search is being conducted into your affairs, it may also prove necessary for us to disclose some or all of your personal information held on file to the appropriate authorities.


Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Devices:

We strive to personalise your use of our Site and achieve this through the use of ‘cookies’. Cookies, simply put, are signals or information transmitted from websites in general to the hard drive of the surfer’s computer. The essence of such transmission is so that the websites you visit can store certain information with which your computer can be remembered on subsequent visits. The most commonly stored information may include your computer’s unique IP address and demographic data. It is also common for cookies to determine how Users got to our Site; either directly through our URL or via third party sites. Names, email addresses and other personal information may also be stored where the User has opted for the option to subscribe to our website as a registered user. The primary purpose of collecting this information is so that registered and returning Users can be afforded more benefits than unregistered guests. This is useful for saving registered Users’ time without the need to reproduce all their details for logging in purposes.  Cookies are also useful for marketing purposes as they allow us to understand Users’ requirements and preferences through their use of our Site. Under the new EU e-Privacy Directive, Users to our website will be given the chance to consent or object to the collection and storage of their data through cookies.

London’s most prominent criminal defence law network depend on reliable internet analytics services, such as Google Analytics. Some or all of these third parties may make use of cookies for the collection of relevant User information so as to assist in developing a trend or pattern in User behaviour.  Your IP address and demographic data may also be stored by these third party sites. The sole purpose of storing your data via cookies is for the analysis of your visits to our Site and to subsequently improve the quality of our service to you. As is the case with any form of personal information, should the need arise for the data to be disclosed to investigating authorities, the exception to the rule against disclosure will prevail.  As a User, you have the right to withhold your consent for the collection of your data via cookies. Should you however consent to the use of cookies or should you continue to browse our Site, it will be taken that you have consented to the collection, processing and storage of your data by analytics services such as Google as detailed above.


Security Policy:

We can confirm that every reasonable step has been taken and effective measures put in place to ensure that your personal information and other related data are kept in a safe and secure place. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network is highly security conscious, particularly when it affects our clients, potential clients and Site Users. No unauthorised access, processing, changes, or other unintended use and handling of your data will be permitted. Similarly, it is highly unlikely that your data will be accidentally destroyed as this would constitute an offence under the Data Protection Act.


Data Transmission:

With the constant development of technology, it is becoming increasingly easier, time and cost effective for data to be transmitted from one end of the world to the other. As such, the collection and processing of data may inadvertently involve aspects of international transmission from time to time. Your continued use of our Site will be read as your consent to the use of your data in this manner. You may withdraw your consent, request an amendment or update of the information we hold on and/or for you at any given time.

User Data Update

Withdrawing your consent to your information being held for any purpose, requesting an update or amendment is very easy and straightforward. Please send your cancellation, update and/or amendment request to us at info@londoncriminalsolicitors.co.uk. Alternatively, you may ring the office on 0203 514 0088 and ask to speak to the Data Processor. The Data Protection Act 1998 entitles you as a User and/or client whose personal details have been collected and processed by us at one point or the other, to request a copy of the same. This can be done by contacting our Data Protection Officer or Data Processor on the above email address and office telephone number. Should you wish to make such a request in wiring, please address your letter to the  Data Protection Officer, London’s most prominent criminal defence law network , 15 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EF. Please note that we reserve the right to charge a reasonable and statutory allowable fee for retrieving and providing you with the requested information.

Changes to this Policy

This Site and the Material contained on there is effective from November 2012 and incorporates the new EU directive on the use of cookies and User’s consent to the collection of personal information. As legislation and laws governing the protection of personal data changes, this policy will also be simultaneously updated.


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