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Serious fraud, as the title suggests, refer to those fraud offences that are complex. The Serious Fraud Office is the independent government department that is charged with the task of investigating and subsequently prosecution complex or serious fraud and cases of corruption. As one can reasonably imagine, the SFO is not short of resources and time to launch extensive investigations into the affairs of organisations and individuals they have reason to believe may be involved in serious fraud. Allegations and charges of serious fraud are very serious criminal offences. Extensive custodial sentences and asset forfeiture are two of the more common serious fraud penalties. Disruption to business, family and private life are some of the equally unpleasant by products of a serious fraud investigation and subsequent trial. It is imperative therefore that you are represented by one of the best serious fraud network of solicitors in London.

Serious Fraud LawyerSerious Fraud Offence Mandates a Serious Solicitor


London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are serious fraud experts with a dedicated team of serious fraud experts who are on hand night and day to look after our clients’ interests and rights even during a serious fraud investigation. We have a proven track record of success in serious fraud crimes which speaks for itself. If you are being investigated or have cause to believe you may shortly become a subject of serious fraud investigation, we strongly advise that you contact us today! Our skilled serious fraud lawyers will become involved from inception and by so doing, significantly increase our chances of achieving the best possible result.


At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, we have a specialised Serious Fraud Team. Our London criminal lawyers are known for their highly honed skills and expert techniques at defending our clients on all fraud charges. They are readily available to consider your case and to provide initial advice via phone, email or indeed at our Old Bailey office. Simply call us to book an appointment and you will be relieved at their display of knowledge and thorough understanding of the law relating to fraud offences. We are confident that you will derive reassurance from your consultation, however brief, with any member of this team that your matter will be taken up by the most knowledgeable and thorough legal professionals. We will leave no stone unturned.

You can discuss any aspect of your case be it serious fraud, business fraud or white collar crime as well as regulatory investigations with the members of our Serious Fraud Team. From the most complicated cases to the seemingly straightforward ones, with our combined years of practice, experience at defending clients with the most complex and challenging cases, we will mount up a most effective defence on your behalf. Our technique, which is largely responsible for our proven track record of success in criminal defence, is quite simple; we pay total attention to details, listen intently to our clients and go through all available evidence with a toothpick. We ensure that we do not miss any relevant and material aspect of our clients’ cases. We fully understand that the sentences attached to convictions of criminal offences such as serious fraud greatly impact on our clients’ lives. As such, we are very thorough in the preparation of our clients’ cases.


Our reputation as one of London’s top network of serious fraud solicitors is borne of the fact that we are particularly thorough in every single one of our client’s cases. We have a team of solicitors who are adept and vastly experienced in defending serious fraud charges. Their wealth of experience and deep knowledge of the system means that they are best placed in advising clients who may b facing serious fraud charges. Simply put, confidently boasts of some of the best serious crime lawyers in London. As serious fraud solicitors, the invaluable experience we have gathered over the years also means that our team of serious fraud experts recognise the fact that defending serious fraud cases and representing our clients against investigations mounted by the relevant investigating bodies such as the Inland Revenue, HMRC, the Serious Fraud Office and the Office of Fair Trading require different kinds and levels of expertise.

As such, apart from our very own Serious Fraud lawyers team, we also rely on the professional capability of other relevant experts whose services we have had several opportunities to test and to approve of. Serious fraud cases often require expert forensic accountants, barristers who command the attention of the judge and jury, who are as thorough as we are in the preparation of our clients’ cases and renowned for their presentation skills. Where and when necessary and in order to ensure that the fraud investigations and allegations our clients face are effectively defended, we will depend on these experts.

The serious fraud lawyer assigned to your case will ensure that you are adequately informed and your consent sought, where appropriate, prior to engaging the professional assistance of other experts on your case. The need for other experts of different specialities will depend primarily on the particular circumstances surrounding your serious fraud case. You can however be rest assured that the representation our serious fraud lawyers jointly provide with such other experts will be tailored to your needs, the requirements of your case and your specific circumstances.

With our combined efforts, you will be receiving the most water tight defence against the investigations and/or charges you face. This way, you will be confident that efforts, expertise, skills and knowledge are being maximised in preparing your serious fraud defence. We are very different from network that choose to be Jack of all trades, simply because we would rather remain masters at what we are confident in the knowledge of; our expertise and skills.


Apart from the negative impact serious fraud investigations and asset seizure or freeze may have on an individual’s private and commercial life, we are also aware of the severe damage news of such investigations may have on our clients. We therefore assure you that confidentiality is one of our most esteemed values at London’s most prominent criminal defence law network. On those occasions when we have cause to rely on the expert services provided by third parties in contribution to building a very strong defence for our clients, we are very strict with our confidentiality agreement. All of our staff; both support and legal are well aware of the acute importance of the network’s confidentiality policy. In other words, we will make certain that your details and any information relating to you and your matter is kept firmly secure. In addition to this, we are very flexible in terms of arranging meetings with our clients. If for confidentiality and discrete reasons, any of our clients is wary of attending a meeting in the City of London, we are happy to come to you or to arrange such meetings in a neutral location which meets your needs. Remember, we may be based in the heart of London, but we represent clients all over the country. Just leave the logistics to us and we will work out an arrangement that meets your specific requirements.


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