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FSA Regulatory & Criminal Investigations

The most recent global economic recession and the extremely adverse impact it has had on the global economy in general and the country’s finances in particular has vested the Financial Services Authority with new found zeal to combat financial malpractices at all cost. This means that there has been considerable rise in the investigations into allegations of criminal practices into the affairs of businesses regulated by the FSA. With the Financial Services Act 2010, there has been a revolutionary wave in the regulation of banks, financial institutions, mortgage providers, brokers and numerous other professions.

Of particular concern to the FSA are the offences of insider dealing, misleading the market or market abuse investigations and share scams. The Libor scandal unearthed by the joint efforts of the SFO, the FSA and the US investigating authorities saw Barclays Bank being fined a whooping £290 million for malpractices. This evidences the seriousness of the situation and the need for businesses that are being investigated to promptly secure the expert services of FSA lawyers. The rate of the search and arrest operations being conducted by the FSA and related investigating agencies is becoming almost alarming. The acute importance of being adequately represented at every stage cannot possibly be overemphasised.

Financial Crime SolicitorsFinancial (FSA) Lawyers Defeat the Allegations of Poniz and Other Scams


Our criminal defence law network in London offers bespoke assistance all through this rather difficult time for the businesses and individuals involved. We will proactively and strategically manage the situation right from the infamous dawn raids to the interviews at the Police Station. We will provide you with expertise and professional legal advice. With our extensive knowledge of the FSA’s investigation powers and manner of operation, we will pursue every avenue to ensure that the chances of securing a civil or non-criminal outcome are multiplied. With years of experience in providing corporate clients with expert legal assistance and practical advice, you can be rest assured that you could not possibly be in a ‘safer pair of hands’.

Ponzi Fraud

Ponzi Fraud is aptly named after the infamous Charles Pozi of the early 1990s. It is an investment fraud and entails the dubious or fraudulent offer of significant returns to investors for their money, usually over a very short period of time. More often than not, this arrangement survives for a period of time during which Paul is being robbed to pay Peter.[1] It is only a matter of time however before the pack of cards come tumbling down and the investors’ money disappear along with the perpetrator. If you are being investigated for Ponzi fraud or formally charged, give our FSA solicitors a call today and let us put our vast knowledge and experience to work on your behalf.

Carousel Fraud

Carousel Fraud or Missing Trade Intra Community or MTIC Fraud as it is more commonly referred to relates to VAT fraud. On account of the freedom of movement of goods, trade and people within the European Union, there is no VAT on goods purchased between member states. Some businesses however nevertheless extract VAT from their customers and promptly vanishes without subsequently paying the VAT to Customs and Excise. This is known as MTIC or Carousel Fraud.

[1] Paul and Peter being hypothetical and proverbial names used to represent current and new investors


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