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Insider Trading and FSA Market Abuse Investigations

Insider dealing is a criminal offence which is punishable, depending on the gravity of the offence, by fine or by a custodial sentence for up to 7 years. It is evidently therefore a rather serious crime given the length of the possible custodial sentence. The possession of market sensitive information by virtue of being placed in an office where such information is available is not in itself a crime. The utilisation of such information for the deliberate purpose of manipulating the market and profiting from the same is however an entirely different story. Insider dealing has been quoted in different quarters as a substantial part of the reasons behind the global economic recession which started in the summer of 2007 and the effects of which are still being adversely felt in the global economy.

As a direct result, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of investigations being launched by the relevant prosecuting bodies into suspicions and allegations of insider trading and market abuse. The good news however is that we are vastly experienced in dealing with FSA insider dealing allegations and as such most suitably placed for advising clients who may find themselves under the glare of the Financial Services Authority’s investigating microscope. Under the Market Abuse Directive, section 118 of the Financial Services and Market Act criminalises insider dealing and market abuse within the European Union as a whole.

As a specialist criminal defence, regulatory and corporate crime law network, London’s most prominent criminal defence law network are experts at providing clients with the necessary legal advice and assistance on any insider dealing FSA or insider dealing UK investigation. We, more than most, are particularly conscious of the potential effects of insider dealing and market manipulation or abuse investigation by the FSA or other prosecuting agencies on your businesses. It can prove at once disruptive to business and damaging to the company reputation. In the present fiercely competitive market, survival from such disruption and loss of credibility may prove terribly difficult if not out rightly impossible.

If effectively managed however, our team of corporate fraud lawyers can ensure that as little disruption as possible is brought to you and your business by the investigation. The need for a very strong and experienced defence team such as ours can therefore not be overemphasised. Almost as important as the efficiency, competency and expertise of our team is the question of timing. The earlier we are brought in on the matter, the better. This will ensure that you are given expert legal advice every step of the investigation and through to trial, if it comes to that. This is very essential to the outcome of any case. We cannot stress enough that you should get in touch with a team of experts in defending and/or challenging allegations of insider trading and market abuse as soon as possible to avoid complications. Give us a call today for an initial and no obligation discussion of your matter with one of our specialist lawyers.


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