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Cheating the Public Revenue is a common law offence which falls into the category of financial crime and it is an indictable offence. Cheating the revenue or revenue fraud can be committed in a number of ways with the end result being the same; failing to pay any or adequate tax as mandated by law. This is more commonly known as tax evasion. Tax in this context does not only refer to income tax or corporation tax but also to Value Added Tax. Regardless of the category the alleged offence falls under, our tax lawyers are first among their equals in the field of financial crime and serious fraud. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network have some of the best tax fraud solicitors in the business. Carousel fraud is one of the examples of robbing the public revenue offences. It is sometimes the case that the offender did not set out to commit VAT or any other kind of revenue fraud but caught up in the rather vicious cycle at some point.

Tax Fraud Solicitors in London

At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, we have a team of criminal defence lawyers who specialise in tax fraud or cheating the revenue offences. Their expertise and combined experience in criminal defence cannot be rivalled in VAT or other tax related offences. From straightforward cases to the most complex ones involving multi agency investigation and across multiple countries, our tax solicitors are always on hand to put their extensive knowledge and invaluable skills to expert use on your behalf. We have come across clients who had no idea that transporting large quantities of tobacco even within the EU may be regarded as smuggling and a tax related offence where the offender stands to profit. In such instances, our expert VAT fraud lawyers will rely upon our client’s lack of revenue fraud history and long standing good practice.

Tax solicitorsOur tax and VAT fraud lawyers will help eliminate the penalties


Tax fraud penalties can be very extensive and far reaching than the sentence handed down following trial. This is on account of the fact that once a business is under investigation for alleged VAT, Tax and other revenue related offences, trading is almost always immediately affected. Our VAT fraud lawyers have several years of experience in dealing with the Inland Revenue, the HMRC, Serious Organised Crime Agency and other relevant bodies. With the wealth of knowledge and years of practice of our HMRC solicitors, we can assist to ensure that interruption to your business and life in general is minimal during investigation. Cheating the Revenue or all offences related to defrauding tax authorities can attract rather significant penalties including unlimited prison term and/fine.


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