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Charged with Sex Offence Against a Child?

Allegations of child sex offences are severe allegations. The immediate impact these allegations may potentially have on an accused person’s life are also rather significant. Family life, employment status and social life are all instantly affected as the accused person may be banned from coming within a certain radios of children. Like rape, it is not unheard of for some children to falsely accuse a defendant of child sex offence when in actual fact; the latter had persistently turned down the minor’s advances. It becomes the proverbial case of a ‘woman’ scorned.

However the ray of sunlight in this dilemma is the fact that London’s most prominent criminal defence law network have the extensive experience and resources to provide you with a first class service and legal assistance throughout the investigation stage and should the case proceed to trial, you will be forcefully represented by our team of experts. Experience and a very detailed knowledge of the law are essential to the preparation of your case where an allegation of child sex offence has been brought against you. At London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, these qualities are two of the long list of skills and expertise held by our staff and in particular, our team of solicitors. In matters of this nature, it goes without saying that your matter will be dealt with in the utmost confidence and your privacy adequately protected at all times. Child sex offence is not limited to engaging in sexual activities with or exposing children to sexual activities. It also encompasses the possession of indecent images about children, sexual assault and child abuse.

Whichever one of these or a combination thereof that you have been accused of, a criminal defence lawyer in London will see to it that your side of the case is projected most eloquently in court. We will challenge the authorities and the evidence they may be seeking to rely upon against you. One of the more common and rather obvious mitigating factors which we will be looking into, particularly in the case of possession of indecent photographs, is the number of people who have access to the computer and the possibility that one of such people as against you downloaded and stored the indecent images in question. Practically every sexual offence attracts a custodial sentence upon conviction. The length of the sentence depends on the gravity of the crime and the establishment of culpability beyond any reasonable doubt.           

Criminal Defence Solicitors for Child Sex Offences

We are experts at child witness cross examination; a skill which has been very instrumental, on occasion, in evidencing that the allegations against our clients were falsely and maliciously brought. It takes years of experience, particularly honed skills and in depth knowledge of the applicable law at any given time to mount a successful defence against sex crimes and child sex crimes in particular. We are proud to confirm that our lawyers are very well endowed in all of these and that this is the level of expertise we will be applying to your case if and once we are instructed. Do not wait until matters are well out of hands. Even when you are very confident that you did not commit the crime you are being accused of, inadequate case preparation and representation can nevertheless let you down. This is why you are better off calling us today on 0203 514 0088 and leaving your matter in the ‘safest pair of hands’ possible.         


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