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It is a crime for anyone to be found in possession of indecent images of children. Indecent images refer to images which are sexual in nature; blatant or otherwise. Pictures of children in a state of undress will be viewed as indecent while pictures of a sexual nature will also be regarded as indecent under the law. Children are protected from being sexually exploited and or used in pornographic images under the provisions of the Protection of Children Act 1978. Allegations of sex crimes against children and of possessing indecent images are two of the most horrifying offences one can be charged with. The direct and indirect impact on the accused person’s work or business, private/family life as well as social connections will most likely be quite adverse.

It is particularly horrendous for those clients who may have been falsely accused. Privacy becomes a foreign element as investigators will aim to comb through practically every aspect of the accused person’s life. Computer, phone and other related records will very likely be thoroughly perused by the police who are desperate to hold someone accountable for the crime they have just uncovered. In their desperation, prosecutors have been known to ignore facts or evidence which may potentially exonerate the accused person.

As our client, it would be our responsibility to painstakingly go through the prosecution evidence with the view of establishing if and where mistakes of omission and/or commission have been made. The Police should not ignore, for instance, the fact that an accused person’s computer is easily accessible by visitors and others residing within the property. We will point out the possibility of a third party downloading, saving, sending or utilising in anyway indecent pictures of children on your computer. Our vigorous challenge of the prosecution material against you may entail the employment of the services of a third party. We can however assure you that such third parties will be renowned experts in their respective fields. Once we are instructed, we will collate, with your assistance, all relevant and potentially relevant and useful information which may prove invaluable in your representation. Contact our criminal law firm London office. We are standing by to take your call around the clock.


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