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Facing the charge of Prostitution in London?

Prostitution is the soliciting of commercial sex workers for sexual gratification. For an allegation of prostitution, there must be payment involved or at least a promise of payment even when it is made to a third party. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 clearly states as an offence the operation of a brothel and the management or assistance in the management of the same. It fails to matter if other activities go on in the brothel, the fact that prostitution is one of the reasons people patronise the brothel renders it a sexual offence to own, operate and/or manage such an enterprise. Payment for sexual intercourse in this case may not necessarily be monetary; an agreement to offset debt or to provide other services in lieu of payment will be regarded by law as payment nonetheless.

This offence extends to property owners and tenants who knowingly permit any part of their properties to be utilised as a brothel or prostitution house. The law is particularly stringent when it comes to prostitution and brothels because of the surrounding circumstances. It is common knowledge for instance that human trafficking and other serious organised crimes almost always involve forcing women, children and even men into prostitution.

Prostitution laws in UKProstitution Offence Mandates an Experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer


The penalty upon conviction varies significantly depending on a number of factors. Penalty may be anything from 3 months to as high as 7 years custodial sentence on indictment at the Crown Court. It is not impossible for some landlords or even fellow tenants to be unaware of the fact that their properties are being utilised as brothels. Ignorance might be difficult yet not impossible to prove as the police investigation would ordinarily have involved the use of covert surveillance for a period of time. It is nevertheless not enough reason to assume, for the purpose of proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt that a landlord, fellow tenant or any other person associated with a property in one capacity or the other had knowledge of and/or managed or assisted in utilising such property as a brothel.

Our London defence solicitors who specialise in sexual offences will go through every relevant detail of the case with you in order to be able to determine first and foremost what grounds the defence will be built on and will thereafter build a formidable defence on your behalf.


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