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Terms and Conditions:

The following ‘Terms and Conditions of use’ will remain binding for the entire Smith & Smith Solicitors’ website and content.

This website is the sole property of Smith & Smith Criminal Defence Solicitors, 15 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EF. It is updated and operated by us. This Site may not be used in any other way than what is expressly permitted. Any such unauthorised used will be deemed illegal and we reserve the right to take legal action if and where necessary. As the sole owner of the Site, we may modify these Terms and Conditions as the need arises.

Site Content:

Use of our website is free of charge. The information and ‘Material’ contained therein may be accessed by Users and made use of as permitted and appropriate. The Material available on the Site has been provided in good faith. Although we will take reasonable care in ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the information and analysis on the Site, we neither expressly nor impliedly offer any warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for any purpose for which Users intend for the Material. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network expressly exclude any liability in this regard with the exception being on other warranties not capable of exclusion.

We will strive to update the information in the Material on this Site from time to time. However, some information may be out of date on occasion. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network will not accept any responsibility for keeping the Material up to date. Furthermore, we will accept no liabilities whatsoever for such out of date Material and/or any error contained therein. We will also not be liable for any loss incurred as a result of a User’s reliance on the Material or any part thereof. The Material available on our Site is intended for general reference only. As a result, the application of our Material to any specific instance or for any particular purpose is purely at the User’s discretion and the User’s sole responsibility.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The contents of this Site belong to London’s most prominent criminal defence law network and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, printed, downloaded, displayed, posted or transmitted in any other form or by any means without our prior express written permission.

Users may however print, download to disk or save the contents of any individual page of this Site for the sole purpose of private and personal non-commercial use. Any other use outside private and personal is not permitted by us and will be deemed illegal. For further clarity, we confirm that Users are not permitted to print, store, download or reproduce any part of the Material on this Site for non-private and/or commercial purposes. Where our Material is shown to third parties, it must be for the express purpose of private and personal use only. It is your responsibility as a User to ensure that any information obtained from our Site is used only as permitted by us. Where the permission given by us for the use of Material on this Site is departed from and liability is incurred as a direct or indirect result, the responsible User will be held accountable and for full indemnification.


The copyright and database right in any part of the Material on this Site remain the sole property of London’s most prominent criminal defence law network. Unauthorised use of any part of the Material may therefore constitute an infringement of our intellectual property rights under the provisions of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. We reserve the right to take legal action against such infringement.

External Links

In the bid to provide our Users with the most accurate and complete information on our Site, it may prove necessary on occasion for us to link certain topics or issues to external websites operated by third parties. We assume no responsibility whatsoever for such Material as may be contained on the external sites.  No express or implied endorsement or affiliation should be read into the provision of the links to third party sites. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network is in no way or form responsible for any information contained on any such third party websites.

Users may not link our Site to any other website where to do so may potentially generate confusion as to the true identity of London’s most prominent criminal defence law network, the original source of the information being linked, or indeed the ownership and/or sponsorship of the third party website. Any use of or link to any part of the Material on this Site which may directly or indirectly suggest an endorsement of or affiliation with any third party site is not permitted and must be removed at once without reinstatement.


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