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Theft, stealing, theft from a shop; including shoplifting and retail theft, theft of metal, cable theft, and possession as well as handling of stolen goods are all punishable criminal offences under the Theft Acts 1968 and 1978. Sections 12 and 21 of the Theft Act add blackmail and taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent to these crimes. The theft of metal is particularly frowned upon because of the economic significance of metal in the relevant industries and the fact that scrap metal is usually sold for a negligible price in comparison. Theft of cable, regardless of the purpose for which it is stolen is not only a crime but a dangerous one as well. There is a precondition that the stolen ‘property’ must belong to another for the offence of theft to be established. As such, where the property in question can be evidenced to have been established, the criminal offence of theft or stealing may be hard for the prosecution to prove. The fact that a property is momentarily unmanned but obviously belonging to another may not be accepted as a defence in court.

Taking Without Owner’s Consent (TWOC) is also a crime under the Theft Acts. All of these offences are punishable by a custodial sentence, a fine, community service or a combination of these sentences depending on the aggravating or mitigating factors presented to the Court. Our primary task as your London criminal solicitor is to make the Court aware of mitigating factors which will potentially reduce the seriousness of the charges you are facing. From shoplifting to theft of metal and cable, TWOC, possession and handling of stolen goods, and other offences involving theft and stealing, our lawyers are deeply experienced and on hand to offer you a tailor made specialist service. We will offer you highly professional advice based on countless years of experience. So if you have been arrested for shoplifting, charged with or accused of shoplifting, give us a call today and let us handle every last detail of your defence in a most professional manner.

Shoplifting and Stealing

Shoplifting in London: A Criminal Charge

The consequences of shoplifting are rather far reaching and include a ban from the shop where the theft took place and the notification of the parents or guardians where the offender is a minor (teenager). Shoplifting sentences in the UK include community service, custodial sentence and/or fine. London’s most prominent criminal defence law network boast of highly skilled, specialist and widely experienced criminal defence lawyers who are very determined in ensuring that our clients’ right and interests are duly protected in Court. With our meticulous approach to case preparation and wealth of knowledge, we will strive to obtain the best result in the particular circumstances of your case. Contact us today!


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