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Battery is a form of violent crime and it involves the use of force or violence on another person’s body. It is regarded as unlawful physical contact The Criminal Justice Act 1988 criminalises both assault; which is the threat of the use of force and battery, the actual visitation of violence on someone else’s body either by the aggressor or through any weapon or object he or she operates at the time. The difference between assault and battery is therefore that whereas in the former, unlawful physical contact is threatened, it is actually carried out in the case of the latter. It is not necessary for the aggressor to physically hurt or injure the individual, the unlawful contact suffices. It begs mentioning however that this does not extent to such practically daily rituals such as hand shaking, patting someone on the back or other acts which ideally bring one person into direct contact with the other.

In any event, skilled legal representation is a ‘must have’ in a situation where an individual has been accused of hitting or causing damage to the body of another. Be honest and as forthcoming as possible with relevant information and we will ensure that we to get to the bottom of the allegations; finding in the process, a solid defence ground for our clients. Whereas battery may not appear to be as serious as other violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter or gun and knife crimes, it nevertheless also attracts custodial sentence in some cases, fine in others and in rather serious cases, both.

You need a team of scrupulous, knowledgeable and dependable London criminal defence solicitors behind you to ensure that every relevant stone is unearthed in preparing your defence and that you receive exceptional legal advice every step of the way. In as much as we are fully appreciative of how trying a period this must be for you, we must urge you to act as quickly as possible and to first and foremost get in touch with us for all your needs. The skilled legal representation which is at our constant disposal on account of the excellent team of solicitors we have in house will prove very useful in defending your case and relying on any mitigating circumstance that may be available in your particular circumstance. Once we are instructed, we will work with you to get as clear a picture of the alleged offence as possible.

Although we are particularly conscious of the fact that no two cases are exactly the same; we have found that the offence of battery, in most cases, can be argued on grounds of self defence, mistake and/diminished capability to fully understand the impact of the force or violence used against the victim. For diminished capacity, intoxication or drug use must be handled with the utmost degree of expertise so as not to open the Pandora’s Box into other unrelated matters. And although self or voluntary intoxication may not be accepted as a full defence for the offence of battery, it nevertheless evidences that the act was not premeditated and this may persuade the judge to reduce the sentence.


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