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Within the last decade, the United Kingdom has witnessed an unprecedented rise in crimes of violence involving guns and knives. This is particularly accurate in gang related feuds, among teenagers and generally within the society. Several initiatives have been introduced including ‘stop and search’ powers vested in the Metropolitan Police in London for the purpose of curbing the recurrence of gun and knife crimes. This is perhaps the most common form of crimes of violence; which normally entails the use, intention to use or threat of using a weapon on the victim. Carrying a gun without a licence is a criminal offence on its own. Similarly, carrying and/or concealing a knife or any sharp object capable and intended to be used for causing bodily harm; grievous or actual, is also an offence on its own. These are extremely serious charges on their own; carrying sometimes a minimum of 5 years custodial sentences.

Crimes of violence involving the use of gun and knives are therefore very serious offences under the UK law. Even where such cases start out at the Magistrate’s Court, it is highly unlikely that they will be decided because they are more often than not thereafter committed to the Crown Court on account of the level of severity attached to such crimes. Our standard and perhaps most important to all our clients and potential clients in all criminal cases remains the same here; act as soon as possible. Delaying that most important phone call for appointing or instructing a renowned network of criminal defence solicitors to defend your case can prove very dangerous on the long run. Call us as soon as possible and in any event before you are interviewed under caution by the Police. We will assist from the very inception to the trial at the Crown Court and beyond if necessary.

Our Expert Criminal Defence Solicitors London

Our solicitors have far-reaching experience and knowledge of gun and knife crimes. They have worked on numerous cases involving the use of one weapon or the other or both. Indeed we are astounded as to just how very often these crimes are committed under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other inhibiting substances. Other defences we have successfully relied upon in the past include self defence and mistaken identity. Whatever your circumstances therefore or the actual facts behind the alleged crime, call us today for a one on one session with one of our highly trained and resoundingly competent criminal defence solicitors. Our experience of gun and knife crimes covers Police Station interview attendance, Magistrate’s Court hearing as well as Crown Court case preparation and subsequent hearing. We are very thorough in our case preparation and this has been one of the open secrets of our success.

Although we are based in London, at the Old Bailey, our clients are situated across the country and we have devised an excellent network for reaching out to clients outside London promptly. Our flexible approach means that we are just as happy to meet with you outside London as we are for you to come into our offices at the heart of all legal matters in the UK; the Old Bailey.

So if you or anyone you know, including a friend or a family member or both are likely to be charged with violent crime involving the use of guns and knives, or even where you or they have been arrested, it is highly imperative for you to instruct a highly reputable network of criminal defence lawyers like London’s most prominent criminal defence law network.  The idea of going away to prison is not a pleasant on for most people, if not everyone and this is completely understandable. None of us wants to lose our freedom. Considering therefore the penalties associable with crimes of violence, we cannot stress enough the need for you to contact us today and to let our solicitors do what they do best; defend you!

 Minimum Sentences for Gun & Knife Crime

The minimum sentence for possession of illegal weapons is 5 years custodial sentence. Although this is not imposed in every case of illegal firearm or weapon possession, the judge must be presented with solid defence grounds why the sentencing should be reduced. This is where the wisdom and expertise of our experts come into play. We have been known to significantly reduce our clients’ sentences by making representations to the court regarding our clients’ most exceptional circumstances.

Some of our Solicitors have Higher Rights of Advocate and they utilise this to the maximum in cases of this nature. Their advocacy very regularly highlights to the court the pertinent issues related to our clients’ cases and the compelling reasons why their sentences, where they are already convicted, should be decided with leniency. However, expert lawyers are needed and their persuasive, presentation and advocacy skills are likely to be put to the test. This is owing to the fact that gun and knife crimes more often than not result in the death of members of rival gangs, ordinary members of society and/or innocent by-standers. The heavier the sentencing, the louder the message the court believes is being sent out to deter other youths or even adults from engaging in gun and knife crimes.


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